Clover Street Vets

Consult £24, only £16.99 for PHP clients!

Small animal consult (excluding Rabbits) £17

ID chip £14

Nail Clip £8.65

New Passport £55

Passport with Rabies Vacc £110

Neutering from £25

We strongly recommend neutering for the long-term health of your pet!

Service Price
Cat Castration £32
Cat Spay -Includes a pain relief injection. £42
All dog castrations include a pain relief injection.
Dog Castration (weight variant) £80 - £160
All bitch spays include a pain relief injection and pain relief to go home with.
Bitch spay (weight variant) £115-£155
Ferret Castration £40
Ferret Vasectomy £80
Ferret Spay £50
Guinea Pig Castration £40
Rabbit Castration £60
Rabbit Spay £80

Additional pain relief is an extra £4-5 (and is strongly recommended for dog castrations)

Pet Health Plan from £9.99 per month

Here at the Mote Park Veterinary Group we want to make preventative healthcare easy and affordable to help you give your pet the best possible care.

We believe that preventative health care can help your pet live a long and healthy life. With this in mind we have designed our very own practice membership scheme.

Click here to learn more.

Vaccinations from £24

  • Dog Booster £27
  • Cat Booster £28
  • Dog Vaccine Course £45
  • Cat Vaccine Course £45
  • Rabbit Vaccine £34
  • Rabies Vaccine £55
  • Kennel Cough Vaccine £24
  • Puppy vaccination 1st or 2nd £24

Prices subject to change, please call for latest information.